This tutorial will show how to use Eve with the SQLAlchemy support. Using SQLAlchemy instead MongoDB means that you can re-use your existing SQL data model and expose it via REST thanks to Eve with no hassle.


We’re currently busy preparing a major release supporting Eve 0.7 and fixing a lot of bugs along the way.

If you’re starting a new project and want to use this - go ahead! Just make sure you’re using the current master branch to avoid the breaking changes in 0.5.0.


0.5.0 (unreleased)

  • Fix deprecated import warning (#142) [Cuong Manh Le]
  • Configure zest.releaser for release management (#137) [Dominik Kellner, Øystein S. Haaland]
  • Leverage further automated syntax and formatting checks (#138) [Dominik Kellner]
  • Clean up specification of dependencies [Dominik Kellner]
  • Added ‘Contributing’ section to docs (#129) [Mario Kralj]
  • Fix trivial app output in documentation (#131) [Michal Vlasák]
  • Added dialect-specific PostgreSQL JSON type (#133) [Mario Kralj]
  • Fix url field in documentation about additional lookup (#110) [Killian Kemps]
  • Compatibility with Eve 0.6.4 and refactoring of tests (#92) [Dominik Kellner]

0.4.1 (2015-12-16)

  • improve query with null values [amleczko]

0.4.0a3 (2015-10-20)

  • hybrid_properties are now readonly in Eve schema [amleczko]

0.4.0a2 (2015-09-17)

  • PUT drops/recreates item in the same transaction [goneri]

0.4.0a1 (2015-06-18)

  • support the Python-Eve generic sorting syntax [Goneri Le Bouder]
  • add support for and_ and or_ conjunctions in sqla expressions [toxsick]
  • embedded table: use DOMAIN to look up the resource fields [Goneri Le Bouder]

0.3.4 (2015-05-18)

  • fix setup.py metadata
  • fix how embedded documents are resolved [amleczko]

0.3.3 (2015-05-13)

  • added support of SA association proxy [Kevin Roy]
  • make sure relationships are generated properly [amleczko]

0.3.2 (2015-05-01)

  • add fallback on attr.op if the operator doesn’t exists in the ColumnProperty [Kevin Roy]
  • add support for PostgreSQL JSON type [Goneri Le Bouder]

0.3.1 (2015-04-29)

  • more flexible handling sqlalchemy operators [amleczko]

0.3 (2015-04-17)

  • return everything as dicts instead of SQLAResult, remove SQLAResult [Leonidaz0r]
  • fix update function, this closes #22 [David Durieux]
  • fixed replaced method, we are compatible with Eve>=0.5.1 [Kevin Roy]
  • fixed jsonify function [Leonidaz0r]
  • update documentation [Alex Kerney]
  • use id_field column from the config [Goneri Le Bouder]
  • add flake8 in tox [Goneri Le Bouder]

0.2.1 (2015-02-25)

  • always wrap embedded documents [amleczko]

0.2 (2015-01-27)

0.1 (2015-01-13)

  • First public preview release. [amleczko]